Destination Thailand Film Review- Un Nuovo Giorno
July 12, 2016
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July 12, 2016

Thailand International Film Destination – Update

9Film Fest Update:

Thailand International Film Destination

Summary: Seriously?

At the screening of Un Nuovo Giomo, Paragon Cineplex, 8 July 17:30, 80% of the seats were EMPTY. Very few foreigners in the audience. AND Tickets were FREE!

Thailand International Film Destination has a huge budget whose purpose is to bring attention to foreign countries to shoot their films in Thailand.

Instead, seeing an empty theatre and no interest from the public to even attend FREE screenings, will tarnish Thailand’s image of a film friendly production country.

Even the Bangkok Post has not written a story about the Free screenings at Paragon Cineplex.

It is difficult to see Thailand International Film Destination as a stimulator to have future feature films shot in Thailand. Where does our tax dollars go?

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