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July 12, 2016
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July 15, 2016


When you read the PR and press, TIFD is supposed to the the film event to show how attractive and easy it is to shoot a film in Thailand.  Instead, TIFD is following the curse of the defunct Bangkok International Film Festival.   9Fest knows the efforts of staging a film festival.  Given the enormous budget for TIFD and the very short period of time the event is given the go ahead to event day, it is a mess.  Thailand is not benefiting from this type of event to attract future films to be short here.  Film programs, glued together, being distributed (hiding films that were either banned, or canceled or who knows what), does not live up to Thai Airways slogan – As smooth as silk.

The website said film tickets could be booked immediately, but then upon calling was told, sorry can book tickets on 5 July.  There was a schedule, but then was told, changes had to be made, please call again.

The Thailand Film Destination program of films, had a section glued together. Strange…. so opening the program saw that two films were apparently blocked or removed from screenings. Again, how do film producers, tourists or anyone feel about mismanaged film screenings at an event promoting Thailand?

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