How do I submit a short film?
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What are the Awards and Prizes?

9Fest Competition Categories:   Narrative, Documentary & Animation

The category winners receive 9FilmFest laurel certificates for these awards:

Best Film

Best Director

Best Actress

Best Actor

Best Cinematography

Best Sound

Best Script

What is the maximum length for the 9FilmFest film?
Maximum length is 40 minutes.  Of course, we welcome all lengths of films under 40 minutes!

Does 9FilmFest accept international entries?

Does 9FilmFest accept animation?
Yes, we accept all film genres.

What format am I required to shoot on?
We ask for HD format.  This can be done using various devices such as DSLR, Cell Phones and Video Cameras.

Is there an entry fee for 9FilmFest?
Yes, there are entry fees.

Do I have to obtain copyright clearance for the music?
YES! You must own all copyright for or have written permission to use all underlying works included in the film including music, performance, and script.

Do I need written permission from cast etc?
Yes, you must request all actors, writers and composers of your film to sign a Release Form.

What ratio will my film be screened at?
9FilmFest will screen all films at 16:9 ratio(1920X1080). This means if you shoot your film at 4:3,  you need convert it to 16:9 in post-production.

Does my film need to contain subtitles?
Your film requires subtitles in English, unless your film is spoken English, then no subtitles are needed.

All areas in your films such as music, actors, script, content and locations require clearance before you can screen your film in public. This involves getting clearances in writing from all participants during the pre-production and production process.