Get ready for a new world with Groper Trump in Control
November 10, 2016
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December 13, 2016

Ebert Humanitarian Award – Disturbing the Peace

9Fest was created as a contest to stimulate and bring together new and established filmmakers to join together and 

change the world.  9Fest was tailored to make thoughts, stories, protests complete and presentable in films 9 minutes or less.

Shooting films is great in itself, but you need venues, outlets and internet to have your works seen.  And it always helps to propel

your film, if a film critic takes critical notice of your film and blesses it.  Roger Ebert was the world’s most famous critic.  His 

insight, love for film, and ability to connect film to people, society, culture was unique.   His wife Chaz Ebert, wrote the following

blog, to show the impact of film.

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