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June 25, 2016
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July 12, 2016

Destination Thailand Film Review- Un Nuovo Giorno

Brian Bennett reviews Un Nuovo Giorno (Screening at Thailand International Film Destination) Next showtime Sunday 10 July at 19:30

96 – Very Good
Italy, 2016
Director: Stefano Calvagino

Very engaging well cast and acted script starting with a young boy, who felt he was a woman inside. Going through abuse, harassment and fear, the young man, struck relationships with men to break out of his closed box. One man was deeply in love with Guilia and agreed for a sex change. Of course, the surgery would take place in Bangkok! This hard and difficult journey was captured brilliantly by the Director. I was attached to this film and the story.
Until, the sex change took place. Then the film took a violent turn, when the surgery created a facially deformed woman. Suddenly, the story and the film flipped and a strong message came out. Our sweet Guilia, looked awful, and she suddenly decided to cheat on her boyfriend, going out on an online date! At which point the date shattered her as her online dater called her a transgender whore.
Thailand plastic surgery and sex change operations will take a BIG hit from this film. It was terrifying to see the results of the sex change.
All in all, this movie was engrossing and took a different path then movies we would normally expect. Even having a short scene of a Catholic priest touching Guilio’s penis. This movie is screening again this Sunday at 19:30.

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