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Brian Bennett 9FilmFest Reviews WHERE WILL WE INVADE NEXT?


Brian Bennett 9FilmFest reviews WHERE TO INVADE NEXT

Directed by Michael Moore



WHERE TO INVADE NEXT is another brilliant documentary directed by Michael Moore. The release’s timing, could not be more perfect than before the Presidential elections in USA. The screening is perfect, but sadly, it seems that brilliant films, tv series, books and speeches by Michael Moore, fall wayside. Too many people are unwilling to accept the truth and they rather stay in their pre-existing space.   It blows me away, when people see the truth, but will not act out upon it.

Michael takes us around the world to see how other countries handle social issues. For example, visiting Norway to see their prisons and rehabilitation of inmates.   Norway had a mass murderer, but sentenced him to only 21 years and a minimum of 10 years for killing 78 people. Norway’s prison system is founded on minimum security and short prison sentences. The goal is to reform the individual and prepare them to return to society.

A visit to France, brought attention to food served in schools. In France food is important, and is a high priority in schools. Unlike America, where food is only thought of as “fast”, “sweet”, and “convenient”. America’s children are obese, overweight and a reflection of a consumer focused society.

Throughout Michael’s film, we visit more countries and see that America is not the BEST country in the world. Instead, America is a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world and an education system ranked half way in world rankings of industrialized nations.

Maybe the most shocking country was Portugal. They have not imprisoned anyone for drugs!   Why are DRUGS such a big deal in so many countries? Usually the sentences are severe and enforcement by the government is expensive and time consuming. Yet, Portugal carries on, without any higher than normal crime rate or other associated problems.

Michael Moore’s film is EXCELLENT and highly recommended to watch. 9Fest would like to see more documentaries submitted to the next 9filmfest. Documentaries give everyone a chance to tell us their story or a story we should know.

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