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Brian Bennett 9Fest reviews FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO (2007)

Brian Bennett (9Fest) reviews FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO (99) –
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Director: Daniel G. Karslake (as Daniel Karslake)

Writers: Daniel G. Karslake, Helen R. Mendoza

Why it take me 9 years to discover this remarkable documentary? That in itself, proves that all of us fail to receive access or enlightenment to very important information. FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO was a grand jury nominee at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, yet it failed to become a blockbuster. This powerful film upsets beliefs and per-existing conditions.

Director Daniel Karslake takes us on a journey to explain religion and its impact on homosexuality in the United States.

We become attached to five Christian families, who each have gay or lesbian children. The interaction and interviews are amazing between the parents and their children. Throughout the film, I ask myself “what is love?”.

Beside the families, we have interviews with politicians and divinity professors from Harvard University. And to make this film even more intense, we have pastors, rabbis and theologians contribute their interpretation of the bible.

This film made me angry and sad. Yet also made me laugh hysterically and make me feel proud that someone like Daniel Karslake could make such and important film.

This film was released in 2007, but it could have been released today and the story and interviews would still be the same.   Films like this make 9Fest successful and important for our community and world. Let’s get creative, let’s make it happen!!

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