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Brian Bennett 9Fest reviews FOOD INC 2008

9Fest Brian Bennett reviews FOOD INC (2008)


Numbers UP – 99 – EXCELLENT , 96 – Very Good , 69 – Good, 66 – Mediocre


Review:   99 EXCELLENT


Director: Robert Kenner

Writers: Robert Kenner, Elise Pearlstein

Stars: Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Richard Lobb



In the crazy world we live in, it pays to go back and look at this Brilliant Oscar nominated Documentary about food and the monopoly control over what we eat.


We take what we eat for granted. Maybe the advertising, maybe the pretty packaging, maybe the cheap prices of fast food. You can see what it has done to our waist lines and raising animals also has a huge impact on our environment and adds to global warming.


Robert Kenner has woven a masterpiece of what has happened in America. He touches about the meat industry, seeds (yes, soy seeds are changing our country and farming!), immigration, food safety, all of this wrapped into one powerful and informative documentary.


It is so scary to not that this film was released in 2008!   Without doubt, the situation is much worse than pictured in the film. I hope Robert will release a sequel as a follow-up.


Don’t miss this film! It is a well-made must see film! Both for your own health and safety but for the impact you can have demanding more from the food industry.

Please watch the full documentary on the youtube link below:



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