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January 29, 2017
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Brian Bennett 9Fest reviews BAD GENIUS

9Fest Brian Bennett reviews BAD GENIUS (2017)


Numbers UP – 99 – Excellent , 96 – Very Good , 69 – Good, 66 – Mediocre


Review: 96 – Very Good




Nattawut Poonpiriya


Production Company




With anticipation, I wanted to see Nattawut’s second feature film. His first feature COUNTDOWN was a refreshing indie, atypical Thai film.


BAD GENIUS captures the underlying core of Thailand today. Cheating scandals on entrance exams are morning coffee cup news. From police tests to university entrance exams, cheating is part of the curriculum these days.


BAD GENIUS is well cast, with students eager to pass entrance exams to foreign universities. Because we read about scandals and corruption, it seems like second nature for many students to get on board and get a free pass for their exam.


Nattawut’s film is a black comedy, yet has a deep social message embedded in the plot. At times, the black humor turned to tears.   And this was done by the excellent acting and direction shown in BAD GENIUS.


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