Ukraine  8:00

Director:  Sergiy Pudich

The brutal biker comes to the barbershop when it was already closed, but the barber still agreed to make the last cut…


Australia  4:11

Director:  Jim Batt
A Retro futuristic vision of the isolation caused by a society which values the artificial over the real. Inspired by themes raised in Hans Christian Anderson’s morality tale ‘The Emperor and the Nightingale’ & Phillip K. Dicks dystopian novel “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep”.


USA   4:45

Director:  Banjii & Mayuri
Banjii is a musician from the mountains of Georgia, USA and Mayuri is a dancer and business strategy expert from Pune, India. They are currently on tour in the USA recording and releasing music videos that capture the essence of different parts of the country.


USA   38:25

Director:  Colin Finlay
Hearts Road was photographed in 95 countries and produced over a period of 30 years. It represents one man’s journey of evolution, his deep spiritual growth and ultimately his return to the seat of his soul. Transformative and prodigal, it also becomes a journey for every one of us. Take your innermost mind and, through his eyes, and his lens, discover a world that few have ever seen.



Taiwan  12:23

Director:  Etsen Chen
Taiwanese man, Yen, has been in a long-distance relationship with his Thai boyfriend. Because of the Covid pandemic, they have not been able to see each other for over 2 years. In the difficulties of an unreal virtual relationship, Yen wants to end it but he is not sure how to do about this relationship stuck in limbo.


CHINA/UK  12:35

Director:  Thomas Oliver Hand
An up-and-coming gang-member plots his ascent in the dark and murky underworld of the most populous mega-metropolis in the world – Shanghai, China. TARANTULA teaser: a Time for Love is a teaser for the feature length gangster film TARANTULA by Thomas Oliver Hand.


USA   31:52

Director:  David Peter Hansen 

In the hills of rural Pennsylvania, the leader of a local militia must prepare his men for the turbulent political landscape of 2020 while at war with his own conscience.
For over ten years, 48-year-old Iraqi War Veteran and machinist Christian Yingling has commanded a troop of private militiamen and women concerned with the government’s infringement on their constitutional rights.


USA   13:17

Director:  Claire Downs, Brenden Gallagher

A young ex-convict and her boyfriend get jobs at a dollar store in hopes of pulling a cash-skimming scam that quickly goes awry.


Canada  32:00

Director:  Ranjit Mullakady

An addiction crisis sweeps through Saskatchewan. Meagan Jasper has been clean for almost four years but struggles to save her younger sister Brooke from addictions. Taylor Balfour can’t help her little sister anymore; Rachel died alone in a university dorm of a drug overdose. As a teenager, Kaeland Brentnell became hooked on drugs. After his close friend died of an overdose, Kaeland decided to quit drugs and connected with Meagan for help. All characters come from different walks of life. Yet none of them can escape the consequences of addiction.


The women who came from the Lotus Field

Thailand    8:42


Director:  Weerasak Saengdee

The story of a young masseuse who is released from prison in a drug case. And the striped young man who has been pardoned.



Bulgaria   14:48


Director:  Stanislav Hristov


Young and career focused theatre actress finds herself facing a life-changing decision, whilst pressured by time after falling in love with an introverted writer, whose dark side is about to come to light. A story, which questions the price of our dreams and our true values.



Argentina   7:03



Director:  Nicolas P. Villarreal

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.




MEXICO  19:33

Directors:  Angélica Romanini

Intimate’s journey of Sofia and Mateo, a young couple who travels to decide if they will remain together or not, burdened by differences. In the middle of a desert and a cacti sea the presence of nature appeals, little by little, to the capacity of any living form or being to regenerate and carry on…



India   14:45

Director:  Gopal Bose

From the theories of scientists like Oparin and Haldane, we have got the most modern concepts of creation and evolution of life.  Rabindranath Tagore, the greatest poet of India says “Nature has bestowed into Women’s blood and soul, the primitive pangs for the cultivation of life.
Woman as the embodiment of the creative force will protect her creations and the world from senseless annihilation. ‘IT’S You’ has been designed on this theme.



“Shopping for Oldies but Goodies”, whilst Cancer battles Covid

Thailand  7:47

Director:  Stephane Lambert

Naruemon Chaingam, a veteran investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker is battling her recently found Cancer in Bangkok amidst the Covid pandemic.



USA  31:00

Directed:   Michael Love

How one community survived 2020 by dancing outdoors through the pandemic