9Fest 2019  –  Program 3   30 May 2019   Thursday   5:00pm

Venue:  Cinemaoasis

9Fest 2020 Finalist –  30K AN OUNCE

Thailand  16:00

Director:  Sagar Singh Sivaraman

On his way back to his girlfriend’s place, Tony encounters the worst possible scenario at the worst possible time.



9Fest 2020 Finalist  –  DRAFT

Russia   15:00

Director:  Olga Alikberova

We all perceive reality differently. One and the same romantic evening a man will see quite differently from what a woman sees. She is a romantic young lady who comes to visit her former boss, whom she is still in love with, and hopes that this evening will be the beginning of a big beautiful love story. And she is a nasty girl, of which there are hundreds who care only about his money and silk clothes.

He is a gallant intellectual writer, versed in art, and ready to sing serenades to her. And he is a narcissistic womanizer, collecting a collection of broken hearts.

Is the truth somewhere in the middle and can it be the same for two people?


UK   5:10

Director:  Tom Hand

A professional Thai kick-boxer competes in his final training round before a championship bout at the national stadium.




China  12:00

Director:  Wei Shengyu

In the morning, after withdrawing a large sum of money from the bank, the boy was on his way to the hospital to pay his mother’s overdue medical fee which he had borrowed from his friends before. It was on that very road that he met the girl. Since then, they spent the rest time of that day in the sweetest way, from encountering to knowing each other, from being loved to making love. Seduced by the lure and lust, the boy even gave up sending the urgent money to the hospital where his mother needed that desperately for treatment. When the sun set, the boy was murdered by the girl on the bed where they had just made love. The girl took all his money and successfully escaped while the boy’s mother died in the hospital ward for lack of treatment……


India  23:57

Director:    Adhip Iyer
A 12 year old boy struggles with bullying at school.



UAE  9:45

Director:  Faisal Hashmi
A barber at a highway barbershop is caught in a deadly situation when he realises that his first customer of the day isn’t who he seems.
A wordless, Hitchcockian thriller short film.


USA   14:28

Director: Keith D. Bracker

My body, his drugs, his lies,  is all from the person I love,  I feel like dying everyday.


China  36:43

Director:  ZENG KAIXIN

Death in the family brings back family members to remember their Dad.  The truth of the family’s relationships comes out after the funeral.