9Fest 2019  –  Program 2      29 May 2019   Wednesday    7:30pm

Venue:    CinemaOasis

9Fest 2020 Finalist –  SOUL VEIL

Syria   23:20

Director: Alaa Al Sehnawi

When the bad guys hide behind the guise of charity to commit crimes against humanity, the veil of the soul becomes more dark than the face veil … The soul veil movie is based on real stories about the issue of illegal trafficking in organs of children in Syria-  For me, Aspirations and dreams are nothing without the near and dear ones.  My family and my kids give me a strong sense of security, lots of emotional strength and motivation to do more in life and that’s something I can’t do without. Still, a lot to do, still many stories to tell and still a long way to go!



9Fest 2020 Finalist  –  KHE SANH PEACE GARDEN

USA  25:28

Director:  Tinh Mahoney

A touching and hopeful film about a medevac helicopter pilot who found peace within himself and with his mortal enemies when he tries to build a peace garden at the Khe Sanh Combat Base where he stationed during the Viet Nam war  graduated from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information (Singapore), majoring in broadcast and cinema studies.



Australia  25:13

Directors: Indresh Singh, Rishabh Nayan

In a mere 25 minutes, ‘Dehlight’ explores the lives of women living in a Delhi slum, with limited access to clean water and sufficient food. Watch two women from Australia and Nepal empower the slum’s women and children with education, self-esteem, new skills, and support through the art of fashion.  

s it is in practice. Liam is dedicated to the cause. Dedicated to the point of obsession, an experience we are able to share with him in this revealing documentary. In this Documentary-Short we follow a focused young man, once bullied and brushed aside on the footy field, now physically transformed and intimidating in the ring. Vowing to ‘put his life on the line’, can Liam overcome the injuries, the gruelling weight cut and the expectation to comeback victorious?


Australia  19:54

Director: Angeline Wu


It is a story about Salvation.  Jeff has been told he only has three months to live due to brain cancer, instead of feeling sorry for himself he writes a bucket list so he can live the remaining days full of no regrets.  Jane on the other hand is a despairing nurse who feels she can’t escape her daily trauma of being abused daily by her husband.  Unwillingly knowing how their actions can help complete each other’s lives.  What would you do if you were on borrowed time?

What will survive in the end — Body or Soul …



Singapore    6:08

Director:  Alex Toh Hong Tah

An ex-convict working hard to change himself, struggles to start anew in a changing urban landscape and society he was once so conversant with, finds himself in a situation that tests his determination to change and the principles he now embraces.

This short film explores the notion of forgiveness and that every day is indeed a test of our commitment to a new self.




Iran  7:07

Director:  Barzan Rostami

The story of echo is about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse and its consequences on human race…


Indonesia  23:05
Director:   Rendro Aryo
A family faces a new reality about work, home and togetherness. What does home mean for a family? Can family be a home?


UK  15:00

Director:  Dekel Berenson

Cannes Official Selection 19′ – Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love. Nominated for a short Palme d’Or, BIFA award winner for Best British Short Film


Korea,   22:21

Director:   Donguk HWANG

‘When Minseo leaves work Rose goes to work’
A story of 5th generation of chinese decent Minseo and Rose working at a karaoke bar