9Fest 2019  –  Program 2      29 May 2019   Wednesday    7:30pm

Venue:    CinemaOasis


USA   16:56

Director:  Shu-Ying Chung

An immigrant struggles with guilt after calling the police on her abusive husband, which results in his deportation.






Director:  Sergiy Pudich

A young couple watches an old TV show where the detective reveals clues about the husband’s cheating. Will they stay together or follow the detective’s bits of advice and destroy their relationships?



BELGIUM  40:00

Directors: Charles Habib-Drouot

Miguel and Juliette, two lost artists, got selected by mistake for a summer residency in the French mountains. But they’re not made for life in the open air. They’ll have to face a hostile nature to create, as well as the owner of the residency, an exhausting start-uper.


Austria  26:50

Director:  Heimo Aga


Every ten years since 1977, the worldwide art scene caravan conveniently travelled from the Venice Art Biennale to documenta in Kassel and Skulptur Projekte Münster.

This magic constellation will not happen again in the foreseeable future, as the pandemic delays pushed the Biennale’s cycle to the even years, and Skulptur Projekte’s future has yet to be decided. To make matters worse, Putin’s war removed Russian oligarchs from the list of potential art buyers—and their infamous megayachts from the pier in front of Biennale.

In hindsight, the omnipresent criticism of our neoliberal capitalist society during the 2017 art events seems prophetic.





France  26:00

Director:   Gilles Daubeuf

A family faces a new reality about work, home and togetherness. What does home mean for a family? Can family be a home?


UK  15:00

Director:  Dekel Berenson

Cannes Official Selection 19′ – Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love. Nominated for a short Palme d’Or, BIFA award winner for Best British Short Film


USA    35:07

Director:  Mark Joseph Wasserman

Thrilling Love is a unique Noir narrative that blends spoken-word, music, and animatic Ken Burns effect). Through dynamic panning and zooming from still imagery, the film tells the fractured tale of a doomed romance between a down-and-out screenwriter and an aspiring actress/pole-dancer who meet in a San Francisco strip club.



MALAYSIA   18:00


Directors:   Juhaidah Joemin and Sandra Khoo

A recently orphaned rhino tries to find a new home in the wilds of the Borneo rainforest.



French Polynesia   20:59


Director:    Remy Despesse

Sunny, one character played by different actors from three locations around the world, dis-connects from his given environment in order to find his authenticity and fulfilling purpose. Portraying three moments of his transformation, we follow Sunny going through an inner shift that inevitably translates out.


Estonia,   25:00


Director:  Francesco Crivaro

An unruled Italian writer living in Bali has his life changed when he receives a very unusual gift.


Taiwan  3:19

Director:  Wallis Liu

Unconditional Love is about parents making a kite for their kid with which they teach him to fly. This kite is a symbol for the things he needs to learn in order to be independent. After the child has the ability to control the kite, his parents leave and let him take control of the kite and his life. They still love and watch him from nearby.