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March 5, 2016
Interview – Brian Bennett 9Fest in Financial Tribune, Iran
May 6, 2016

9Fest Invitation to the 34th Fajr International Film Festival

The art of filmmaking is amazing.  Unlike an artist who paints in the solitary, creating a film is a team process.  Stimulation and creativity can ignite a group and the Director can be lead in a new direction.  After the film is finished, an important event is to have the final product seen!  And enjoyed!

Film Festivals have become an important part in the post production process.  And also through networking may lead to future co-funding with other partners met at a film festival.

Receiving an invitation to the 34th Fajr International Film Festival was a great honor. 9FilmFest was excited to attend a well established film festival in a world famous filmmaking country. When the original Bangkok Film Festival was started in 1999, the Iranian Director Dariush Majuri was invited to screen his film LEILA. Bangkok was receiving its first taste of Iranian cinema at its first international film festival.

This year, FIff was moved downtown to a new shopping center. The market, seminars and film screenings were all held under one roof. The new theatres were first class with stadium seating. All films were sub-titled with English and Farsi. The subtitling was precision with clear fonts.

Although my flight arrived at 2am, there was festival staff at the airport to greet arrivals. As much as we read nasty news about Iran, how they want to develop nuclear weapons, how they despise America, the reality is much different.

This year’s Fajr Film Festival was special. Every morning they had a guide to take guests for a tour of the city. The hospitality and class of this festival was beautiful. We hope in the future, Bangkok will have an international film festival of such caliber.

The Fajr Film Festival was so convenient, organizing film screenings, lectures and market all together in one location. 9FilmFest was proud to attend and meet many persons from around the world.

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