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December 13, 2016
9Fest Brian Bennett Review LALA LAND
January 18, 2017

9Fest Film Review – Dr. Strangelove

9Fest Brian Bennett reviews Dr Strangelove (1964) (99) – Excellent

Numbers up system – 99 Excellent, 96 Very Good, 69 Good, 66 Mediocre

DR STRANGELOVE 1964 Director Stanley Kubrick

Epic Film! I was drawn to watch Dr Strangelove as the thoughts of president elect Donald J Trump occupied my soul. Maybe not a coincidence that Trump announces he wants to increase the size of the US Navy.

Stanley Kubrick is BRILLIANT. Think how in 1964 this epic film was released and it was like a vision of the future. Seeing General Ripper launch a nuclear attack on his own free will, just reflects Trump doing the same.

Dr STRANGELOVE is brilliant because even with this tragic Nuclear destruction taking place, Kubrick makes us laugh and enjoy the ride.

Right now, American comics like Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert and Alec Baldwin are playing the Trump comedy show. It’s the only medicine to accept General Ripper aka Donald J Trump.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gXY3kuDvSU[/embedyt]

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