Accidental Advocates in Phuket

  Thailand/USA  14:30

Director – Sherri Harvey
What does it take to get started as an advocate? This film follows the Community Outreach Program of one of the world’s largest dog and cat sanctuaries in Southeast Asia around the island of Phuket and examines how advocacy starts.

A Bangkok Morning Story 

Spain/Thailand  9:00

Director – Toño Lopez
Margaret and Lela, two retired but sparkling ladies, meet almost everyday at a coffee shop to chill and chit chat.  This time Margaret comes with shocking news for Lela.
But no problem, Margaret has a plan…



Malaysia  25:00

Director – Soon Teik Ong

Three Chinese students, who are about to graduate high school are filming a sensational video. They wander the land of Malaysia with rebellion and confusion. They seek validation and a future, yet they invalidate themselves. All three are torn between “leaving and staying,” struggling in a pessimistic racial environment, searching for answers that have been unanswered for years in their “neither nor” Malaysian identity.



New Zealand  12:35

Director:  Dan Sadgrove

A big dreamer from the small town of Togliatti, Russia ponders life while building a rocket powered sled made from discarded trash.



Ireland  2:53

Director:   Damien Donnelly

Join Morgan Space Dude as he introduces us to the importance of music throughout NASA’s exploration of space.



Qatar   8:37

Director:   Abdulla Al-Janahi

The short film “HOPE” is about the journey of a new born baby sea turtle named Aqua. During his journey, he faces many obstacles from human pollution to different predators. Using his mind and courage he over comes one obstacle after the other, until he reaches his final destination. Just before he enters the sea, he witnesses a life changing scene, that he bravely over comes and grows as a character.



USA  13:15

Director:  Drew Stephens

The morals of a Filipino-American family are turned upside down when the mother is diagnosed with a serious illness.


USA     9:37

Director:  Francis Wu

Satra is not only a modeling project from an animation student, but a fantasy world of feminism.


The Incredibly Short Life of Peter Panties

USA  9:15

Director:   Daniel Abril

Young Peter is born into a world at the mercy of his drunken mother’s many lovers. That life takes a horrible turn when, one night, he wakes up to find one of those men in bed with him. Things only become worse as he gets older and finds himself a slave to the same desire.




The Disease Detective Looks at Sarcoidosis

USA 19:30

Director:    Laura Puccia Valtorta

There are many questions about the chronic disease, Sarcoidosis, a mystery disease that is under-diagnosed in the United States.


The Disease Detective Looks at Friedreich’s Ataxia

USA  15:40


Director:    Laura P. Valtorta

Ginny Padgett lives a full life and re-learns how to drive despite suffering from this chronic neurological disease.




Director:  Maxim Sliussarev

Victor, the showrunner of tv series projects, being in a creative crisis, goes to his soul for a new idea.



BELGIUM   15:16

Director:  Joel Delsaut

In their sixties, a couple is looking for the best solution to guarantee their daughter and granddaughter a possible future… 


India  26:32

Director:  Ganesh Devidas Kadam

Hardworking teenager with a big dream that one day he will make his mark in the world of cricket like a legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar – whom he is named after.  Sachin lives with poor family in a metro slum area of Pune. 
Sachin Live from Pune is a universal story of how minor sport injuries which teenagers choose to hide in fear of financial burdens on parents, could affect their dreams, sometimes the life.


Thai  26.32

Pai has a mysterious energy that draws people in from around the world. Artists, musicians, healers, or simply those that wish to escape the headaches of city life. Pai is a melting pot of experience, colour and age but everyone here has one thing in common.. they acknowledge the powerful energy of this magical town.