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The 9th Bangkok Film Festival  – 9FilmFest 2022

   September 28 – 30, 2022   

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Bangkok Film Festival 9FilmFest

After the Live Screenings on September 30, 2022, at The Friese-Greene Club

The 2022 9FilmFest Award-Winning Films were Announced:


BEST FILM  – DEFENSELESS  –  Canada  –  Director  Javier Augusto Nunez

BEST ANIMATION FILM  –  THE LITTLE HAND  –  Thailand  –  Director Nattaphong Srichaikit

BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM  –  HEARTS ROAD  – USA  –  Director  Colin Finlay

BEST DIRECTOR  –  A LOVE OF MY OWN  –  USA  –  Director  William LiPera

BEST ACTRESS  –  FARAWAY  –  USA/THAI  –  Director   Penny Sruta Mongkolsutee

BEST SOUND  –  THE MEAL MAKER  –  USA  –  Director  Deepak Paida

BEST SCRIPT  –  FOOD DATING  –  THAILAND  –  Director  GeorgeK




9FilmFest introducing the evening’s program of Films screened live at The Friese-Greene Club

Great Crowd of filmmakers, film industry persons, and audience!


9FilmFest has selected its program of 76 short films for its 9th Annual Festival 2022!

We have dynamite films submitted from 34 countries!   It is amazing to see how cell phones and computers have added so much to the film industry!  Almost anybody can take their cell phone and shoot a short or feature film and edit it on their computer!

For the first time, 9FilmFest will have virtual screenings for everyone in the world to view!

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Come one, come all, and see amazing films from around the world!

The creative world is at your fingertips. 9FilmFest’s goal is to support filmmakers, applaud their hard work, spark creativity and provide opportunities for discovery. We’re here to make filmmakers’ dreams come true.