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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is proud to present famous singers and musicians at Amazing Thailand  JAZZ de Lanna concert on 31 January 2015.  The concert will be held at Ta Pae Gate, Chiang Mai and this outdoor event is free.  JAZZ will start at 5:30pm and continue all night long.

Jazz sensations, Howard McCrary, Koh Saxman and Khun-In band take center stage.  Legendary Jazz Master Howard McCrary, has worked with many famous names in music.  He will lead with Koh Saxman and share is artistry, enthusiasm, skill and positive energy to his works.  Howard is passionate that music is the universal language, through which he can spread messages of peace to the world.,

“Khun-In” is the perfect modern day Thai band consisting of five groups of wood and percussion instruments featuring the best fusion of Thailand’s musical past and present.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand said ‘JAZZ de LANNA’ will help boost cultural tourism in Thailand strengthen good understanding and cooperation between the public and private bodies.  The event is set to promote public awareness of Thai traditions and cultural values.

More information on JAZZ de LANNA can be found at www.9filmfest.com   www.facebook.com/lovejazzchiangmai

9FF Mission

Encourage new Filmmakers
9FilmFest champions emerging creative talent and provides an outlet for aspiring and established filmmakers from around the world. 9FilmFest wants to be the switch to having their visions realized and dreams made a reality. 9FilmFest is dedicated to creating an environment where talent can flourish and creativity abounds. We are the bridge between people and their potential.

9FF History

9FilmFest started 3 years ago. Something very unique about 9FilmFest is that each year we have a signature item, 9SI (or theme) that must be included in contestants' films. The first year in 2011, our 9SI was the number 9, in 2012 it was a heart and this year's 9SI is a waterway.

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9 FilmFest offers variety of partnership opportunities. We are constantly searching for brands to work with us to encourage talent and passion with film making in Thailand and overseas.