9FilmFest: And... Action!


12 – 21 October 2013, Asiatica Film Festival, Rome, Italy

Very exciting to receive an invitation to have the 2013 The Style by Toyota 9FilmFest Finalist Films screened at Italy’s prestigious Asian Focus Film Festival – Asiatica.  Brian Bennett, Director of 9FilmFest was also invited to be Chairman of the Netpac jury.

All in all,  I was thrilled to see recognition of Bangkok’s 9FilmFest and the hard work of staff and filmmakers to make 9FilmFest a welcomed yearly event!

Rome, of course is exciting!   A city of culture and art.   Flying in from Bangkok to share offerings of our unique festival amongst established cinema lovers and creatives, is a special event.

9FilmFest was screened on Friday, 18 October at the La Pelanda, Asiatica’s FilmFest site.   I introduced the 9FilmFest concepts – Films 9 minutes or less, must be premiered at 9FilmFest and must contain the 9SI (9 Signature Item) which was WATERWAY in 2013.   Also attending  was one of this year’s finalists, CLOCK BLOCKED , Directed by Robert Peters, who flew in from Los Angeles.    The Finalists were well received by the audience, each film gaining applause after their screening.

9FilmFest is not about watching films, but making films.  Opening eyes and talents to often closed venues.  Speaking with Asiatica Director Italo Spinelli,  was very welcome and inspiring.   Italo, liked our style of filmmaking and the idea of the 9FilmFest 2014 Signature Item – FLOWERS, he offered to screen the 2014 Finalists at Asiatica 2014 in Rome!

As if more good fortune good not happen, I had the honor to meet Payman Maadi, the Director of the competition film SNOW ON PINES (Iran),  who is also the winner of the Silver Bear award for Best Actor in the leading role for his performance in Asghar Farhadi’s  A SEPARATION.   Paymen is a talented Actor, screenwriter and now Director with his debut film SNOW ON PINES.   Payman appreciates short films,  their value and challenges.   So after our discussion, I asked Payman if he would serve on our Jury for 2014 and he pleasingly agreed!   It is thrilling to see 9FilmFest reaching out and having persons support and carry forward our goals of stepping towards one’s dreams.

9FF Mission

Encourage new Filmmakers
9FilmFest champions emerging creative talent and provides an outlet for aspiring and established filmmakers from around the world. 9FilmFest wants to be the switch to having their visions realized and dreams made a reality. 9FilmFest is dedicated to creating an environment where talent can flourish and creativity abounds. We are the bridge between people and their potential.

9FF History

9FilmFest started 3 years ago. Something very unique about 9FilmFest is that each year we have a signature item, 9SI (or theme) that must be included in contestants' films. The first year in 2011, our 9SI was the number 9, in 2012 it was a heart and this year's 9SI is a waterway.

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9 FilmFest offers variety of partnership opportunities. We are constantly searching for brands to work with us to encourage talent and passion with film making in Thailand and overseas.