9FilmFest: And... Action!

Dear 9FilmFest Fans,9film -.jpg-Shoot Creative

We have had three very successful 9FilmFests in Bangkok,  the most recent with standing room only crowd at Paragon Cineplex!    Not only in Bangkok, but  9FilmFest Finalists Films were screened at  Asiatica Film Festival, Rome, ItalyCLUELESS was screened at the SOHO Film Festival, New York City.  And DEATH OF BUTTERFLY will be screened at the Parvin Etesami Film Festival in Iran.  We are now announcing, the next Shoot Creative 9FilmFest will be held in 2015!

As we prepare for 2015, we look forward to new equipment and  time to look at past 9FilmFest short films at our youtube.com/9filmfest channel.  See how filmmakers, used the 9SI (9 Signature Item) in their films to qualify as finalists.

Our 9 Signature Items have been:  2011 – ‘9’, 2012 – ‘ Heart’, 2013 – ‘Waterway’, 2015 – ?  Stayed tuned for signature item in 2015.

We know this has been a disappointing year in Thailand, but with new government, and cleaner system, we look forward to say ‘Action’ in 2015!

9FF Mission

Encourage new Filmmakers
9FilmFest champions emerging creative talent and provides an outlet for aspiring and established filmmakers from around the world. 9FilmFest wants to be the switch to having their visions realized and dreams made a reality. 9FilmFest is dedicated to creating an environment where talent can flourish and creativity abounds. We are the bridge between people and their potential.

9FF History

9FilmFest started 3 years ago. Something very unique about 9FilmFest is that each year we have a signature item, 9SI (or theme) that must be included in contestants' films. The first year in 2011, our 9SI was the number 9, in 2012 it was a heart and this year's 9SI is a waterway.

Partner with 9FF

Support Us
9 FilmFest offers variety of partnership opportunities. We are constantly searching for brands to work with us to encourage talent and passion with film making in Thailand and overseas.